Fathers Who Dare Win 1st Edition

This is an easy-to-read, user-friendly book that's an inspiration for any Dad.

In Ian Grant's characteristic straight-talking way, he offers lots of advice, tips and strategies for being the best father you can. Put into practice, these game plans will have instant pay offs from being a hero to your kids to communication to discipline - this is the one book you'll ever need!

(New edition costs $37)

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Full of affirming truths such as "Men are such a necessary part of the parenting team because they believe in the three Rs: Rules, Routines, Ridiculousness." Great for:

* busy dads to connect with their children

* dads who don't live with their children

* having fun with your kids

* conducting a fantastic Father's Day

* discipline that makes sense

* being a hero to your kids

* dealing with food faddiness and undesirable behaviour

* running a family meeting

* becoming a parent-coach

* and much more!


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NZ$10 Australia

NZ$12 International

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