*NEW* Faith Talk Trigger Cards (10 Pack)

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Want to have great God-centred conversations with your kids and teenagers?

It’s easy with these *BRAND NEW* Faith Talk Trigger Cards! 
  • Fun “would you rather” questions that engage teenagers
  • 40 topics from Reputation to Forgiveness, Temptation to Peer Pressure
  • Great anytime: Dinner table, At the beach, Road trips

Keep the line of communication open and enjoy hearing your kids chew on these topics!

Each pack includes 40 cards! See example below:


You'll love how these cards get the kids talking - and how their spiritual understanding will grow - one topic and a time!

“Our 13-year-old daughter Sophie ploughed through 6 cards in one night and wanted to keep going! We had to stop the conversation in order to space them out! A pretty great problem to have.”  M Glasgow-Palmer, April 2018

“We have had one very interesting round table already, based on Pollution. More to come!” N. Boswell, April 2018

“These cards raise subjects that haven’t come up before, and highlight things our kids are dealing with that we didn’t know. The Take-away wraps things up nicely – this is just what we needed!” R. Ballentyne, May 2018

“These cards are a fabulous idea and so easy to use with multiple ages.” N. Joy, May 2018

Get yours today!

Also available in single pack or 3-pack

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