What is Faith Box?

Faith Box is a 20 minute weekly family time in a box based on surprise as to what is in the box each time. It is designed to build strong family memories as well as a culture of sharing, learning, discussion and enquiry.  Our goal is for this time to become the highlight of the children’s week. Faith Box teaches the whole story of God sequentially, touching down on Bible stories from Creation to Revelation. The second year covers different stories and Bible truths

The top reasons families love Faith Box

  • Makes the world’s most important job

- sharing faith with our children – FUN & EASY!

  • Hands-on and interactive… ideal for ages 5-12!
  • Teaches the whole Bible with games and activities

Faith Box really works! Food, fun and family togetherness are a great way to unpack the truths of the Bible – one topic at a time.


What Parents say:

  • “The best 20 minutes in our week!”
  • “Kids ask loads of questions and we have buckets of laughter”
  • “My boys LOVE it and countdown to family night”
  • “Draws us close as a family – we really sense God’s presence after the lesson”


What churches say:

  • Easy to follow for fill-in teachers, adapts to larger groups, a great SUCCESS!




What’s in the box:

  • Single Manual (8 manuals create a 2 yr curriculum – 97 family times)
  • 12 'Big Promise' Magnets
  • Magnetic Faith Board
  • A Surprise!
  • CD by Phil Joel with 3 great songs - cool way to learn the books of the Bible!


The Story behind Faith Box

Mary Grant and Nikki Watkin (see “Team”) ran into each other in a supermarket parking lot and shared stories about so many parents who wanted to share faith with their children but did not know how. Many of them had tried family devotions but had been discouraged. It became Mary & Nikki’s mission to develop a tool that helped parents pass on faith. They drew on their combined experience of 56 years in children and family ministry to create an engaging material to light a fire in children’s hearts.

“Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.”  William Butler Yeats

In an increasingly secular world, fewer children are growing up with an understanding of what it is to know and be in loving relationship with the personal God who made them. 

Recent NZ research highlights this issue:

  • 85% of church-going families do not have ‘faith conversations’ at home
  • 79% of young adults, now in their 20s, who attended church with their parents no longer go

Four thousand Faith Boxes later, we are convinced that they have created a resource that will have a far-reaching effect on families in nurturing the core of faith and character.

What makes Faith Box unique?

  • Led by parents (and grandparents!)
  • For children between the ages of 5 to 12
  • At home where children are safe to share and question and can be celebrated
  • Through interactive play
  • Sustained by the enthusiasm of “on-fire” children


Parents tell us that they are thrilled with the return on investment. Their 20 minutes a week nets far-reaching benefits of ongoing family conversations, family closeness, and practicing Christian values.

“Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” Plato

We believe the years between ages 5 to 12 are a very special time. It is our “Window Of Opportunity” to WOO our children’s hearts to Christ.  And when children’s hearts are captured through interactive play, they will ask for more! This is not only a joy to watch, but a wonderful relief to today’s busy parents who appreciate the enthusiasm.