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Other resources are listed below:


New Testament Lyrics slideshow


Faith Box Printable Nativity Set  (to cut and glue)


Simple script for Christmas Play


Longer story to act out for Christmas Play


For your Advent Calendar - Activities and Bible Verses

Recommended Films and Videos 


Book Resources

 3-6 years 

“Bible and Pictures for Little Eyes” by Kenneth Taylor

This is a lovely book that you could read around the table and has three questions for the children –questions are important when we read to our kids as we want to involve them and let them feel they’re involved.  Kenneth has 8 children of his own so he writes it through the eyes of children, he thinks about teaching children all the time.


“Everything a Child Should Know About God” by Kenneth Taylor

 Great for a child with short attention span.


5-10 years 

“The Jesus Story Book Bible” by Sally Lloyd-Jones

We love this because it weaves a theme of Jesus fulfilling God’s promises right through the entire bible starting at Genesis.  It is a lovely introduction to the Bible that can be used even for older kids as a lovely compliment to their full bible.


6-12 years

 We want to raise children to love God with all their hearts, and also with all their minds.

We want them to be given opportunity so they are convinced Christianity is true.  Lee Strobel has done this for adults in his book “A Case for Christ”, and also addresses these issues for kids in an age-appropriate way.


“A Case for Christ for Kids” – Lee Strobel

 This book looks at the evidence for Christ – he sends kids on mystery tours looking for the truth.  It’s a gorgeous way for children to learn to think. From looking at eyeballs ?  to looking at how many people witnessed Jesus.


“The Case for Creative Kids” – Lee Strobel

 Where did life come from? This is a continuing theme for kids all through their school lives, they’re taught constantly year after year mainstream theory.  And our kids ask us “Is God really true, because James at school says...”  This book looks at how your child can, within context of the truth in the Bible, view what’s taught at school. It explores the big principles of a loving creator that created beauty and science.  Lee Strobel does this beautifully!


YWAM Hero Biographies:  http://www.ywampublishing.com/c-39-hero-biographies.aspx

 Series of Heroes for Young Readers are brilliant...

 “The Gift of Values” Volumes 1 & 2 – Rosie Boom

Devotional books full of stories illustrating values such as honesty, courage, perseverance.  She also recommends movies that illustrate the lessons...Most stories suitable for older kids perhaps 8 yrs+..


Buying a Bible for your Pre-Teen Child

 Make buying a Bible a really special event!  Let them choose whichever one they want for themselves. Have an idea, before you go to the shop, of what translations to choose from.  You want a good translation so steer them away from ones that are difficult for their understanding. We want our children to have proper translation, eg. NIV  so any paraphrased versions (eg. The Message) can be extra to this


Music Resources


Maynard’s Groovy Bible Tunes:   http://www.maynardsgroovytunes.co.uk/jukebox

Mainly Music: http://www.mainlymusic.org.nz/  (especially Karyn Henly, 5 Little Ladybugs)

Bullfrogs and Butterflies: http://www.agapelandmusic.com/Agapeland_christian_music_CD.html



Jana Alayra:  http://janaalayra.com/ (especially Totally Transformed & Live in Concert #2)

Bullfrogs and Butterflies: http://www.agapelandmusic.com/Agapeland_christian_music_CD.html


Bringing Dads on Board 

Many women we’ve met, along with us, found it difficult to get Dads on board reading bibles or devotionals with children....we encourage you to take the lead and push through...they’ll eventually come on board.  Often our men never had this modelled to them, and they come home and are exhausted.  Make dad the hero in the process...just like with Faith Box.  Men enjoy being the hero!

See Below for:  Fathers Who Dare Win - For Awesome Dads

Inspiration for Mums

Cappuccino Moments for Mothers (Mary Grant)

Lifelines: The Ten Commandments for Today (Edith Schaeffer)

Hidden Art (Edith Schaeffer)




Deliberate Kids – the adventure you were born for

Features Phil Joel’s CDs and other music for kids. Phil’s Old Testament Song and New Testament songs feature on the Faith Box CD and you will enjoy the video of this on his website . Look for video on the right hand side of website. There is a very cute video of the old testament song.

Deliberate Kids Website

Children’s Books – written by Renee Taft-Meloche and illustrated by Bryan Pollard

These books of Christian heroes are just perfect for school age children. They tell the stories of some of the role models of Christianity over the last century or so. Experts tell us that Christian character develops through children having stories on which to draw in their lives. Boys will love hearing of the lives of Eric Liddell, Nate Saint the pilot, William Wilberforce and heaps of others; and girls will love reading about heroes such as Betty Green the pilot, Gladys Aylward, the small woman and Corrie Ten Boom who spent so many years in concentration camps. Click on the website below and go to ‘Books’.

Liveart4all Website


Fathers Who Dare Win - For Awesome Dads

"Through his books, and personally. Ian Grant has given me so many great ideas, techniques and skills to be the best I can be for my whanau and the wider community. It's going to be so great to have all this great stuff between the covers of this new book."

- Pio Terei – Entertainer, broadcaster and parent educator



"God’s Design for Sex" by Stan and Brenna Jones Navpress

With age-appropriate language and illustrations, this book explains to young children the marvelous body God gave them. The Story of Me lays a spiritual foundation for helping your children understand their sexuality.  Designed for children ages 3-5.