“Thank you so much, we were recommended the Faith Box by my In-laws. They do it once a week with their grandchildren - how awesome is that!” Rachel


"Thanks so much for the wonderful resource that FaithBox is! We have only recently discovered it for our family and have now completed Book One. I can't speak highly enough of it and I'm recommending it to all my friends here in Timaru!
It's a perfect, FUN, way to share devotions with a family with no pressure on anyone. The ideas and activities and presentation are top-class. I'm so excited to see the volumes just keep coming." Amanda

“We are completely changed. The atmosphere is more positive and the feeling of ‘being a family’ makes discipline and attitudes much happier. Much more a feeling of togetherness”.

“The kids love it and remind us if we haven’t done it. Being new Christians we are learning just as much as they are”.

“It’s made us have a regular family time which we know our kids love and don’t do enough of…and it’s centred around them learning about God’s character and love for them…what could be better!?!”

“We are finding out what our children think about God, themselves and life”. 

“I really sense God’s presence when we pray as a family after doing the lesson”.

"Janynee (8 years) says she “really, really likes it and it’s so much fun. I love Sunday nights when we get to do it because I like learning new things and it’s exciting. I love doing it with my family. I love the exciting games we do. I loved all of them."

"You have pitched it perfectly for our 6, 8 and 9 year olds… Lots of fun – very hands on”!

“The kids look forward to ‘Faith Box night’ and that builds a sense of pleasure at doing a shared activity together, this has fed on to activities on other nights such as a card game before bed”.

“When you teach you learn too, despite knowing the stories and material I have found myself having some neat ‘revelatory’ moments. I have seen this in the kids too. Faith Box has given us a wonderful framework for teaching and learning”.

“The whole Faith Box thing has become integral to our lives”.

“I liked the creative element and the way all the hands on things to do because it’s not just sitting and listening but interactive”.

“We have three boys and they LOVE it”!

“It gives us a time and plan to do what we have wanted to do for a very long time. Takes the stress out of thinking it up ourselves and the kids look forward to these evenings”.

“This is a fantastic resource …. It brought the Bible to life and we have had some amazing conversations with our 9 and 12 year old children. It has definitely brought us closer together as a family… perfect timing as our oldest is soon to become a teen! Thanks so much”!

“It has bought our whanau together collectively sharing God’s word, giving us great creative ideas to understand his concepts and values. We have also made use of our children’s strengths/interest to lead certain activities to give them a sense of responsibility and sharing the leadership”.

“The discussions it stimulated & the fact that it engaged all of our kids. Has been hard in past to engage our youngest in with the other 2 in family times, but this did. They look forward to the times & ask when we are doing it next”.

“The sections of the Bible you have used are great and really hold the children’s interest even our 4 year old. It has been such a great tool really easy to put together but so rich in content and it has drawn us all closer as a family, the kids ask loads of questions and we have buckets full of laughter”.

“We are looking forward to next week the one where you have to make a tent and have snacks etc… they will think it’s incredibly exciting”.

“It is something for the children to look forward to and it does mean that we have a designated time to spend together. We have had a lot of laughs which is often hard to remember to do”.

“One thing I’m loving is that Faithbox prompts me to ‘teach’ my children in a way that I have previously not done. That is, I have to ‘present’ the Truth or ‘perform’ it for the kids and it has been really good for me”.

"The kids look forward to it and sense the ‘specialness’ of it. There’s always an air of anticipation and I think that has a great deal to do with the secrecy of what’s in the box. It is a great tool for teaching”.

“I thank you Mary and Nikki for supplying such a wonderful tool to NZ Christian families. It has been a blessing and privilege to take part in your pilot programme”.

“We plan to pass it on to some others like us who live here when we are finished”.