Do you have a mum, or are you a mum?

Then you’ll be delighted by this little book that celebrates a mum’s profound and often under-appreciated role!

“Being a mum is fun, fulfilling, frustrating and at times formidable! Come renew your energy and revel in these 42 Cappuccino Moments” invites Mary Grant, “10 minute mini-retreats, when you put your feet up, turn off the cell phone and computer, and read and reflect on one small thing you can do to create a special memory for you and your child."

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Example 1: Kids love secrets! Write a message in white crayon on a piece of paper, then give your child a paintbrush and watercolours…

Example 2: Think of your life as a whole and as a series of seasons. We cannot immediately achieve everything  we want, but over the course of our lifetime we can fulfil many dreams…


Written by Mary Grant (wife of Ian Grant), founder of Faith Box and mother of 3 adult children and 11 grandchildren, this book was inspired by the unique needs of modern mums and is designed to help you give your children the two most important gifts in life - roots and wings.  Roots anchor their lives and wings permit them to soar to the heights of their potential.

There are 18 days left before Mother’s Day – order today and get “Cappuccino Moments for Mothers” sent to you or directly to a beloved mum in your life.

Kind regards, Nancy


Nancy Green

Director – Faith Box Team